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About John's Island Rentals

John's  Island  Rental  Program

John's Island offers a variety of rental opportunities including privately owned residences, oceanfront condominiums, golf cottages, townhouses, oceanside villas, courtyard homes and Island House suites that are conveniently located next to the Beach Club. As an approved John's Island guest, you will have access to world-class amenities and an abundance of recreational activities.

Club members and their guests, as well as guests considering a residential investment in our exclusive club community, can rent a privately owned property subject to owner availability and rates. If you have specific dates in mind we encourage forward planning so that we can offer the broadest array of options and minimize potential disappointments. Our Rental Services Team is dedicated to assisting you with your planning, and will also be on-site during your visit. When you rent through John's Island Real Estate Company, you are assured that your property will be inspected for cleanliness before your arrival and after your leave in case a few items were left behind. 

Rates / Availability 

All rental properties listed here are privately owned and therefore subject to owner availability and rates. Reservations are made on an application basis with member sponsorship, unless you are staying as a guest of a John's Island property owner.

Guest  Information  &  Membership  Cards 

Guests of members are welcome at John's Island Club and should be registered at the Membership Office by a current member. Fees will apply and guests staying overnight in the home of a member, not in residence, will also be charged a daily fee.

Guests staying in John's Island at the invitation of a member cannot bring other guests unless they are also registered by a member. Guest membership cards are available upon approval by the John’s Island Club. Set up and daily fees apply. Please contact the club or your Sales Executive for details. 

Add  your  home  to  our  inventory

Add your home to our inventory of rental properties!  If you're interested, please contact us HERE or call 772.231.0289 
Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. until 5:00 P.M.